Mr. Nitin Kumar Aggarwal

Managing Director – Sukiyo International Pvt. Ltd.

Nitin holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce (Honours) from the Delhi University and has more than 29 years of varied experience in the Argo Chemical Industry.

He started his own venture “Sukiyo International” in December 2021 with a vision to provide Plant nutrition in the form of Bio-Stimulants & Liquid Fertilizer.

Our Vision & Mission

“Catering farmers to organic Cost Effective and Result oriented Quality molecules for Quality agriculture’’

Our Values

  • Trust

  • Transparency

  • Team –Work

  • Exemplary execution


Fresh Food

Sukiyo is also planning to start new segment of Seed Treatment

Our Main Aims is to Work & promote organic farming.

Organic Farming :

- Organic farming is the production of Crops and livestock without the use of synthetic chemicals and in-organic fertilizer.

- Organic Agriculture aims at the human welfare without any harm to the environment which is the foundation of human life itself.

    Aims of Organic Farming :

  • To maintain the long-term fertility of the Soil.

  • To reduce the input cost.

  • To effectively Utilize the natural resources.

  • To avoid all forms of pollution caused by agricultural techniques.

  • To provide a quality foodstuff.

Key Managerial Personnel


Mr. Khalique

(Head – Sales & Marketing)

Mr. Bharat T

(Head – Corporate affairs)

Mr. Kaushal Kishore (Advocate)

Head – Customer relationship

Mr. Deepak Gupta

(Head – Strategy & Operations)